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如果从来都没有在某个商业领域里做过,你对于自己从事这个行业的市场情景如何,就比较难于把握。 将创业构想付诸实施之前,最好要评估一下创业构想是否可行,有没有潜在的利润可以获取。




十一, 估算第一年的销售量

         Estimate Sales for the First Year

         Base your estimate on the size of your market, level of competition, your

         price, your plans for promotion, and trends in your industry. Create a

         pessimistic, an optimistic, and a conservative forecast.


十二, 政府批准

         Government Approvals

         There may be some extensive or expensive regulations involved with your

         type of business. Bizpal ( www.bcbizpal.ca ) can assist you with determining

         municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and licensing requirements

         affecting your business.


十三, 制造,购买或生产

         Manufacturing, Purchasing, or Production

         State how you will make or acquire the goods, or produce and deliver the

         services, you plan to sell. Use your sales forecast to help you plan this part of

         your operation. Think about potential growth in future years.


十四, 实现


          How does your customer get their order and how do you get paid?


十五, 第一年的运营能力

          Capacity of Your Operation in the First Year

          How big will your operation be? What is the limit of what you can produce,

          stock, service, and sell. Can you meet your sales forecasts? Have you taken

          future growth into consideration?


十六, 潜在供应商

          Potential Suppliers

          Your concept may rely heavily on the reliability of your raw material suppliers

          and/or your subcontractors. How dependent will you be? Figure out who

          your suppliers will likely be and try to find back-up suppliers.


十七, 你需要的资源

         Resources You Will Require

         List the employees, floor space, leasehold improvements, equipment,

         vehicles, inventory, suppliers, and services you will require to open your

         business. Estimate the costs of each item on your list. You will need this list

         to determine your start up costs.


十八, 你打算融资,租赁和租住的资源

         Resources You Will Finance, Lease, or Rent

         You will probably not pay for large purchases outright, but will instead lease,

         rent, or finance these items. You will need to estimate your monthly

         payments to help you prepare a cash flow worksheet.


十九, 评估你的商业构想

          Evaluate Your Business Idea

          How much of your own money do you have for this business? What assets

          can you use as collateral to secure a loan? Do you already own the vehicles,

          computer equipment, or tools needed to start your business? Do you have

          family, friends or others who are prepared to invest in your business? Do you

          have a strong personal credit rating?


二十, 第一年每月现金流预测

          Monthly Cash Flow Forecast for Your First Year

          A cash flow forecast shows the critical “whens” of cash coming in and cash

          going out during a certain month. Preparing a monthly cash flow forecast

          provides you with the opportunity to show dollar figures, representing

          revenues and expenses, in the month the business expects to collect and

          spend the cash. Cash flow can demonstrate the need for cash injections at

          critical periods when sales are lower in seasonal businesses.





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