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欢迎来到Aurora牙科诊所Welcome to Aurora Dental Clinic!

We can provide English, Mandarin and Cantonese services.我们可提供英语,普通话和粤语服务。

诊所位于列治文3号路Richlea 广场,离温哥华机场很近,交通方便,可提供英语,粤语和普通话服务。
我们关注您及您全家的牙齿健康。我们有两位经验丰富,信誉极好的牙医,他们都有超过20年的工作经验,可以为您及您全家提供全方位的服务。我们提供的服务有:洗牙,美白牙齿,补牙,根管治疗,拔牙,儿童口腔, 牙齿矫正, 牙周, 假牙, 种植,肌肉病痛治疗,颞下颌关节 及牙科紧急处理等。
Our clinic is located conveniently close to the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, BC.  

We care about your dental health! Our friendly clinic has two highly skilled dentists, Dr. Liu and Dr. Hsia, who are happy to serve all of your family’s dental needs. Each dentist has over 20 years of clinical experience and excellent credentials.

We can help with your:
Orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, dentures, implants, myology, teeth cleaning, Botox, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, teeth extraction, dental repair, and dental emergencies.

Dr. Liu has over 20 years of clinical experience in China, Germany, and Canada. She has received her education from Shandong University, Heidelberg University, and UBC.
She is an excellent dentist and denturist.

Dr. Hsia has been serving the Richmond community as a dentist for over 35 years, and is very skilled at orthodontic work. He advocates a conservative approach that avoids tooth extraction whenever possible.

Our spacious clinic has several operatories with views



Our equipment has recently been updated to the newest dental technologies, because we care about providing the best treatment and comfort for our patients.

Including advanced diagnostic software, digital X-ray machine, touch screen scaler, Dunsberg root canal treatment system, implant system and so on.

We have installed screens in every operatory, so that you can view your own x-rays, and understand your dental care more effectively.

We look forward to your visit, please make an appointment with us in advance.

Please come and visit us! We look forward to meeting you. Advance appointments are highly recommended.
工作时间: 周二-周五:10:00-6:00,周六:9:00-4:00.
220-10151, No.3 路,Richlea 广场。从Tisol 拐角处上到广场2楼的办公楼。

We care about your dental health.我们关注您的口腔健康。

Reservation call: 604-271-6733



Working hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-6:00, Saturday: 9:00-4: 00.

Our address is:

220-10151, No.3 Road, Richlea Square. From the corner of Tisol to the office building on the 2nd floor of the square.

We care about your oral health.


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