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James English Tutoring Center  西人英语家教招生

本地西人英文教师,西门菲沙大学毕业。 30年来一直以教授英语为业,教过的学生数以千计,经验丰富。曾在墨西哥执教多年。根据学生的水平,因材施教;凡是能够根据教学计划完成指定学习任务的学生,最终的英语水平都得到极大的提升。

I have been teaching English for 30 years after graduating from SFU with a B.A. in history. I understand the challenges of learning a new language because I became fluent in Spanish while teaching in Mexico from 1986 to 1990. My experiences have taught me that everybody learns differently and that is why all students receive a specialized program that continually adapts to their particular needs. I have helped hundreds of local and recently arrived students of all ages to acquire the English skills they need and know I can do the same for you.

联系人: William

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